Being Courageous does not mean you are not afraid, it simply means that you care more about something else than what you fear. Courageous Leaders do what is right not what is easiest. In other words when you have the passion to achieve your goals in life, you do it with so much enthusiasm and love in your heart, not minding the obstacles and huddles that you will encounter along the way. That is to say that you care more about you achieving your dreams and goals in life than the obstacle you fear.


From 4ps to 4es

1)Product has changed to Experience.

2) Price has changed to Exchange.

3) Place has changed to Everyplace

4) Promotion has changed to Evangelism/Engaged.

The 4p’s of marketing has changed from it usual form to 4e’s of marketing. The emergence of technology will continue to bring about new ways in which we do things and initiate new ideas from one decade to another…for more information Google on 4e’s of marketing..Ogilvy’s

Tapas Revolution: the cookbook

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I am much more of a “can’t cook confidently” than a “can’t cook at all”. I have grand aspirations of recipes that I would like to cook and dish up for my friends / family meaning that I generally feel compelled to attempt THE hardest recipe in the book to impress. This tactic usually leaves me stressed out and demotivated when the timings go wrong and it gets all too hot handle in the kitchen. So it was with great pleasure that I attended the launch of Omar Allibhoy’s brand new cook book, Tapas Revolution – making Spanish recipes accessible and simple for even the most inept beginner chef such as myself! Let the challenge commence…

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Madrid born, Allibhoy, is a tapas revolutionary who is appealing to the British public with his charismatic and easy going approach to cooking. He has two successful restaurants of the same name, Tapas Revolution, within…

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